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How Do We Get The Best Price?

Here's how we get you the best possible price for your order in your market.

1 Existing Supplier Relationships

In many of the markets we serve, we know the suppliers and quarries and we know who has the best prices in advance.

2 Live Market Insights

We maintain a nationwide database of material pricing and hauling rate data. We use this to inform our search and negotiations.

3 Advanced Sourcing Technology

We have developed technology that allows us to reach out to local suppliers and haulers much faster than manual dialing.

4 Separate Supplier & Hauler Bidding

We put in the extra work to find the best supplier and hauler rates separately. This is usually better than using the supplier for both.

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Simplify Your Aggregate Search and Order Process

We go to work for you, calling our suppliers and negotiating the best rate. We call separate hauling companies to ensure we have the best rate on delivery. You give us the delivery date and we ensure it gets there on time.

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